How To Buy A Shock Collar


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While the use of bark collars has become controversial, it is not inherently a bad training method as long as the collar is used correctly and the training is administered as it should be. This guide is designed to address the concept of a specific type of bark collar, a "shock" bark collar which delivers an electrical pulse in reaction to the barking behavior. While there are other types of negative reinforcement bark collars, including collars that spray citronella rather than emitting an electrical pulse, but the electrical "shock" type of collar is the preferred method of training a dog not to bark through the use of a control tool.


Chapter 01 - What is a "Shock" No Bark Collar?

Chapter 02 - Why Dogs Bark

Chapter 03 - The Pros and Cons of Using "Shock No Bark Collars"

 Chapter 04 - Shock Collars and Market Research

Chapter 05 - Major Types of Shock Collars

Chapter 06 - Major brands of Shock Collars

Chapter 07 - Alternatives to Shock Collars


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